The Divine Mercy Chaplet – The Royal Priesthood


This Divine Mercy Chaplet has a personal backstory on it for two special people that helped to bring me to the Catholic faith. The inspiration behind it was based upon lectures from Steve Ray and the Royalty of God and the Royal Priesthood that we have all been invited to by the redemption of Christ through our Christian baptism. By our baptism, we have been born again by water and the Spirit. We have died and risen in Christ. We have received the circumcision of the heart. We have been made a new creation in Christ. We have joined the Royal Priesthood.

I chose for this Chaplet a royal purple color that this Amethyst grade A stone shows beautifully, that Christ would have worn to the cross to redeem us and rise in glory. The gold to represent His Royalty and Kingship. The Crystal Quartz represents the purity that Christ offers us by the washing of regeneration and renewal of our souls by our baptism.

This would be a beautiful gift or heirloom for you and your family to remember the Passion of Christ and what Christ has offered us through the Cross.


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