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Before the wildfire that took my house (and Jesus guided me to Texas), I had just finished reading a book about the life of Mary according to 4 mystics of the Catholic Church that received approval from the Church. I was struck by Our Lady’s thoughts concerning herself and that God was her only thought. Her humility, for wretched sinners, would be impossible to do as well. Then I came across an astonishing vision concerning the Passion of our Lord. While the Passion was ongoing, Our Lady not only was allowed to feel what Christ did, but she followed him and kissed the ground at each holy spot that he particularly suffered at. After the Passion, she would continue this practice of prayer and devotion for the Passion. She taught this to the disciples of her Son as well. Today, this is called the Stations of the Cross. Upon learning this, as Our Lady’s servant to better serve our Lord, I promised her that I would make the Stations of the Cross for her. In fulfillment of this promise, I present to you all my creation of the Stations of the Cross in honor of our Mother who started this prayer. This is made with Apple Jasper to symbolize the blood of Christ, diamond-cut bicone Crystal Quartz to symbolize the water from Christ, and sterling silver bead caps hugging each precious bead of Apple Jasper. I also used sterling silver tubes, beads, and fittings. This Stations of the Cross has a good deal of sterling silver throughout it. I also used TierraCast silver-plated pewter bead caps that hold each Crystal Quartz. Included are Italian imported silver oxide medals displaying the Roman numeral of each station as well as an image of each Station showing the Passion. The crucifix is also imported Italian silver oxide that was specifically made showing the Stations of the Cross on the back. The Chaplet is long measuring 32″. My standard rosary is 18″ in length. This would make an excellent way to pray the Stations of the Cross at home or by going to your local parish to meditate on how our Lord redeemed us from our sins and gave us a new life in him.

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