Sacred Heart of Jesus Chaplet



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Are you desiring to get closer to Jesus and trust him more? You need to get this Chaplet as that is the purpose of it. Give yourself to Jesus and ask that his will be your will. His heart to replace your heart. The design of this rosary is very special to me as I was inspired to make it when I needed God’s graces urgently to lift me up. The green emerald stones are malachite. I decided to put heart-shaped TierraCast silver-plated Celtic infinity knots to symbolize the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the eternity of Almighty God. The center is of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the crucifix is called a Decorative Crucifix and is a beautiful style that I think matches the overall Celtic look of this piece. I added a St Joseph the Worker side medal for my own particular devotion. You are welcome to swap this out for a different side medal that suits your own devotion. 

For myself personally, I pray the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chaplet and I finish my prayers with the St Joseph the Worker prayer. It is a lovely Chaplet that I pray every day. 


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