GK Chesterton Entertainment Collection

GK Chesterton Theatre Company is non-profit founded in Los Angeles in 2009 by Cathal Gallagher and his son Peter Gallagher. In 2019, Maria Vargo acquired the Theatre company and changed the name to GK Chesterton Entertainment in order to encompass all aspects of media to reach as many people as possible. The Vice-President, and Maria’s creative partner, is The Chosen’s own Jonathan Roumie. The non-profit seeks to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The current Collection features the theme colors of their play called “The Last Days: The Passion and Death of Jesus the Christ”. 

St Genesius Chaplet

Surrender novena chaplet

Pope St John Paul II chaplet

Red Jasper and river stone Rosary

red jasper and onyx rosary

Divine Mercy chaplet

St Pio Chaplet

st joseph the worker chaplet

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